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Web site updated October 18, 2010

Donations Wanted & Needed

We need you!

If you believe that prejudice should be dismantled and people accorded a legitimate opportunity to succeed and actualize potential. - We need you.

If you believe that minds and people are terrible things to waste. - We need you. - We want you!

If you can accept that all people have many things to offer. - We want you.

If you can believe that it is better to help someone stand on their own and make their own choices of their own free will. -
We want you.

We need financial help because we have to start to make opportunity a reality. Too few have succeeded when virtually everyone of those wearing a label could have succeeded on the same success model as everyone else.

Members of the society help in a variety of ways.

The first step is change speech. It is not a Down Syndrome child or an Autistic child. It is a child or adult with a condition. The condition does not define who they are.

Financial assistance comes in the form of Angels and Member Dues.

Angels give funds to help us to realize the goals. Member dues provide funds to realize the goals.

For the moment, we need the funds in the form of cheques and money orders made payable to EINSTEIN CHALLENGED SOCIETY.

Please mail the cheques to:

Einstein Challenged Society
P.O. Box 395
Lethbridge, AB
T1J 3Z1


Thank you for contributing to real opportunities.

If you have time to donate,

Share your vision of what you believe needs to be done, and help in bringing it all together.


Tax receipts will be issued when all the tax documents are completed.