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Web site updated October 18, 2010

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Health Matters

Trisomy 21 [ or Trisomy 13 or Trisomy 18 ] come with health issues.

Heart problems are not uncommon. In some instances, surgery is required. In others, the body heals on its own.

It is not uncommon for Trisomy 21 to be linked with a secondary genetic anomaly like Autism. It does not mean that their potential is diminished in any way. It just means more work, but an adult that can live an independent life makes that worthwhile.

Some things to watch out for:


    regular check-ups help to stay on top of this



    regular testing helps and things like Samonas can strengthen the hearing mechanism. Hearing is an important part of speech


    reliance on just test numbers does not work.

    You need to see symptoms of Hyper or Hypo Thyroidism. The test was grandfathered through before testing had to be validated. Thyroid medication can cause as many problems as it solves including heart attacks



    not uncommon and can be alleviated with enzyme supplements

    Medication should be used minimally as the antibiotics bring a host of issues such as lowering immunity, disrupting digestive tract functions, and creating toxicities. People with Trisomy 21 lack one metabolic elimination system.

    As our society grows, health information will expand.

    In the future, we will have a website devoted to medical information which will have all the leading edge medical information. As we grow, we will be able to contract various universities to study and report their findings on specific parts of the Trisomy 21 experience.

    This area has not been sufficiently studied at this time.

    A part of what we entail will be the opening of three hospitals focused on genetic anomaly health issues and physiological development. This area is totally ignored. The focus of these hospitals will be genetic anomalies. They will not deal with solely Trisomy 21.

    We need a hospital system that will not turn parents and children away. These hospitals need a holistic approach so that the patient receives the treatment right for them. They have some physiological differences.

    ECS will be creating these because nobody else wants to do it.