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Web site updated October 18, 2010

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We go on the premise that no person is an island.

There have been successes against the success bar used for all people with or without a LABEL. That is our starting point.

We are not trying to reinvent the wheel. The wheel has already been invented. It is round. It has many uses.

Our approach is to take what has been proven to work, and we will use that as a starting point that we can add to by focusing research and resources to raising the success bar.

Looking at the world, progress is being made every day, but it is always in isolated pockets.

The USA, Canada, Italy, and Russia have had the highest success rates and outcomes, but the successes have been limited to very small numbers.

The reason is that success requires a team effort. It is unfortunately costly at present, and it is time consuming.

Our starting point is something called NeuroDevelopmental Programming.

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This has been the most effective, but it requires regular assessments, one to two hours a day of programming work, and money.

Not every family can do these things because LIFE gets in the way.

We see the better approach being to better utilize education, and the current education system has PROVEN itself incapable of meeting the requirements necessary for people that are labelled to succeed.

SPECIAL ED is a bad joke. No one catches up. Most will leave grade 12 functioning at a grade 1 or 2 level or less. Any person can not exactly have much in the way of opportunity in today’s world with cognitive abilities at those levels.

We use the Neuro Developmental Program to build neural pathways so that cognitive abilities can increase. We are not lowering the performance bar for anyone. Our approach is to find what needs to be done so that the person being taught can learn the same material as everyone else in the education system.

Inclusion has been a failure because there was never a commitment to teach. Special Ed is just proof of that.

We have schools shutting down all over North America. We want to get those schools and put them in action to educate those that are not receiving an education now. If they are not going to graduate at the end of grade 12, their time is being wasted.

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Somebody also has to go back and reclaim those that got pushed through the education system, and who were denied an education. The time for excuses is done. We will do that because no one else wants to do it.

It is time to bring education into the 21st Century.

A part of what EINSTEIN CHALLENGED SOCIETY will be doing is to use a satellite system to hook up all the schools in North America from the ones in the current system to the ones in the INCLUSION system. This will give us flexibility to match a child with a learning challenge to a teacher that has had success rectifying that issue. We will have three Super Schools that are the nerve centres for facilitating the networking of all the schools. Each school gets hooked in at their request, and what they get is a box not much bigger than a telephone booth.

A child enters the box, and they are in a virtual world. They can see the teacher as a 3D Holographic Image, and the teacher sees the child in the same way.

This allows the use of body language, facial expressions, and other non-verbal cues to be used.

If your child does not come into an inclusion school, you will have to demand of your local school board that your child’s school be hooked into the system.

The Super Schools also serve as think tanks to help find solutions.

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Teachers in the INCLUSION system are not on their own. Help is just a call away. The virtual setup means that they have hands-on assistance in implementing solutions.

Those in the public system gain the same assistance.

We succeed where others have not because the success bar is NEVER LOWERED.

Life does not lower expectations if you want to be fully included in society.

Every one needs to learn, and we need to work together to build successes one life at a time.

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