Mission Statement


The Mission for the Einstein Challenged Society is complicated because we have to rectify decades of actions which have only served to unjustly deny people basic human rights.
There will be no solutions in a year or two. Re-education and health recovery do not come quickly. These stated goals and objectives are designed to insure that as progress is made that the Einstein Challenged Society can be there for people nearing the end of their journey as well as for those starting out.


This is our MISSION…

  • To change the perception and achieved realities for children born with the Trisomy 21 genetic anomaly

  • As the Down Syndrome label has excessive negative baggage associated with it from the flawed and prejudicial studies conducted in the 1950’s and 1960’s, and since we can not change the attitudes of medical professionals in any form of a timely fashion, we need to use a different identifier for the Trisomy 21 genetic anomaly ~ EINSTEIN CHALLENGED.


Einstein Challenged still recognizes the genetic anomaly, but the focus changes from the person being a defective sub-species of human as is the reality now ~ the person becomes a human being with developable potential.
It is time to harness the power of a name to help those in need.

It seems a pragmatic approach to name the Society and to use as the condition identifier the name of the most famous human being with this genetic anomaly.

Human being is the operative word, and no one writes off Albert Einstein as just so much human waste.



Using new teaching methods and techniques changes the playing field so that Einstein Challenged children have the same opportunities for success as non-labeled children.

The EINSTEIN CHALLENGED child gets to set their own limits based on their efforts rather than have limits imposed by PREJUDICE and DISINFORMATION.
·Earliest intervention is essential. We can not stop the medical community from disseminating INVALID horror stories about the Trisomy 21 Child.

They are doctors, and they do hold your child hostage for their dissertation about what went wrong with the institution abused children in the studies they hold to be inviolate.


Instead of forcing the parents to mourn the loss of the child they did not get, we need to help them celebrate and see the unique child they were given who will expand their world as it has never been done before.

Parents have to be told the truth, but the truth is not in the horror story the doctor told them.

Having a Trisomy 21 child [an EINSTEIN CHALLENGED child] is not a ball and chain of misery around their ankles or their hearts.


Their child is not being dropped into an abusive institutional setting as is required to validate the doctor’s dissertation, and there have been advances in metabolic and nutritional research which alleviate and negate the horrors.

The truth is that they must be proactive in their child’s life.

They will see some incredible achievements from their child, but it is not an easy road.

There is much work to be done by them and their child. It is not necessarily easy.

They need to be aware of the real prejudice their child will face, and the prejudice can start as early as the first hour in N.I.C.U.

 Early intervention, a development plan, and a commitment to results can allow their child to realize a future where they are completely independent.

The exact same goals as parents with non-labeled children have for their children. EINSTEIN CHALLENGED means not lowering the proverbial bar whatever it takes.

Parents need to be told that there is “a light at the end of the tunnel”, and contrary to what the doctor just said, “it is not the headlight of an oncoming train”.

In that light ahead, there are blue skies, flutterbies, and the music of laughter. There is also a lot of sweat and tears with rewards

We need to empower Dads to stay in the family unit. Over 90% of the time, they are driven out. The social and educational authorities count on this reality. A single mother is easier to bully, and she is more likely to be complacent
There are resources out there, but they give their help to organizations and not to individual families


The EINSTEIN CHALLENGED Society is the bridge builder from the organizational level to the individual family level.

To comply with the laws, this is a labour intensive level because it necessitates the composition of many reports

We need to create resources for families including a BIRTH PACKAGE that tells them what they need to start doing from Day One.

In this way, they get to realize the day-to-day successes and achievements which will make them stronger as a family.

We help them to change the family focus to success realization rather than family problems

Rather than creating incurable illnesses, we need to invoke new health and nutrition research to combat and rectify the medical issues associated with Trisomy 21.

Behavioural issues are most times frustration based due to communication impediments: removing the impediments tends to remove the behavioural issue. Resources need to be applied specifically in single parent households to implement these realities. Specific counseling may be part of the methodology so that these families enjoy building on successes, and we need to expand supports.

Parents must be given information PRIOR to the development of medical conditions. Working with broken is not in the best interests of the child. The old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” fits here. The use of the BIRTH PACKAGE fulfills this need.

 We need to establish a resource pool which includes information, contacts, resources for challenges, maps through various government mazes, and maps through the obstacles of the education systems intended to deny graduation at the completion of high school.