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Web site updated October 18, 2010
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You are the parents of a child with Down Syndrome!

Everything is in perceptions, and you may as well start on day one.

You do not have a Down Syndrome child. You have a child with Down Syndrome if you use that term.

We prefer Einstein Challenged. You have a baby that is exactly the same as every other baby on the planet, and what your baby needs from you is:

  • LOVE- this is a scary world. It is big, bright, and cold.

  • TOUCH - like all babies, the sense of touch is the first sense they are aware of after being in the womb.

  • TALK - like all babies, they are learning their world. They know your voices. They may not understand the words, but very few newborns understand words. They get stimulation and affection from your speech.

  • PLAY - No they canít play football or tag yet, but you can play with your child like any other parent plays with their new born infant. You play with their fingers and toes, their ears and their nose, and tickle their belly.

  • FOOD - Some babies will go onto formulas, and some will be breastfed. Nourishment matters. Breastfed children tend to have less problems with speech and less illness.

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Pat yourself on the back, you have just done the first important steps for your child to build neural pathways. Your child will need to build a lot of them.
For your baby to have the best chance at a full and complete life, you have to become the expert on your childís health. Your child matters the most to you. Get used to that quickly.

You do not need to become a doctor.

You DO need to become a proactive parent.

You have instincts about what is right and questionable. You have to trust yourself.

We will be able to help you, but we are not the EXPERT ON YOUR CHILD.

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You are the one that is there with your child through thick and thin.

You are the one that your baby is counting on for help.

Make no mistake, you are not going to have a leisurely walk in the rose garden.

There is a lot of work. The more enjoyable that you make it for you; the better the effects will be for your child.

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You are going to have moments of frustration.

Every parent has frustrations; your child is learning about life as you learn about your child.

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You have a new born child, and you are going to learn so much about things that never interested you before.

On the plus side though, you are going to guarantee that your child has every possible advantage to succeed, and you will minimize your nights in hospitals.

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You are a new parent of a child that is Einstein Challenged. Remember and keep telling yourself that.

Your child will do better if both parents are involved in the work because you each have your unique qualities.

Now take a look at your baby, it could be a great scientist, or it could be a great human being. No one  knows right now where your childís success will be.